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When I started my business in 2015, I came from a design background and already knew the importance of having an online brand, so I set out to build mine from the start.

While I started to see some results, I didn’t know what the heck actually attracted my perfect customers. I felt like I had to continuously update my online branding assets, doubting literally every decision I made, and felt like I was just throwing darts into thin air hoping one would stick… and honestly, as a mama to 4 energetic boys, who has time for that?! 

Hey, I'm Jessie - I specialize in Online Branding, Website Design, & Optimizing Conversions

My son, Colin, was born. He was diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome and I decided to start working from home to take care of him.


I started working as a freelance designer for startups and influencer brands and quickly became the go-to designer for all things online branding, websites, graphic design, and sales funnels.


My Story

I continued to grow my skills and knowledge around personal branding, website design, video editing, podcast editing, and marketing businesses online. I also received 3 Digital Marketer Certifications.


I worked with a small (but mighty) team and we helped scale brands to 6-figure months while also helping so many new entrepreneurs launch their brands online too.


I helped launch an exclusive Done 4 You service for entrepreneurs that wanted to grow and scale their online businesses through websites, funnels, and branding, but wanted to handoff the tech and design into our experienced hands. This was so rewarding helping fellow entrepreneurs show up confidently online.


Covid happened and the world shut down. Thankfully, because I worked from home, I was able to continue working while also supporting my boys through virtual schooling.


My hubby and I welcomed our 4th son. #boymom4life We were both making good money, but working 50+ hour weeks, I realized what started as freelancing turned into a typical J.O.B. without any of the benefits. How'd I let that happen?!

Early 2022

We unexpectedly lost both my in-laws just 18 days apart. One from Covid and the other from pancreatitis. I learned that life is too short to do anything that doesn’t fill up your soul, bring you joy, and allow you to live the life you truly desire to live.


I walked away from the hustle culture J.O.B. disguised as a freelancer's dream job to get back to what I love doing, but on new terms. Online marketing, design, websites, funnels - you know... the fun stuff. Now I get to play by my own rules. 


I'm on a mission to create a community for women entrepreneurs to feel confident and supported while growing your brand and business online. With the right systems and branding in place, you can have the lifestyle you crave and the impact you've been dreaming of.

Late 2022

Be The Energy You Want To Attract.

My life motto

So, I put my head down and started studying everything online branding, marketing, and buyer psychology. Then I began to attract the attention of some 6 and 7-Figure brands. I started to apply my knowledge to helping them grow and scale their own businesses. 

And that shift changed my ENTIRE business.

The brands I was working with started to 10X their brand recognition, customer loyalty, and confidently create on-brand content - all while tripling their revenue. Their brands were once scattered and messy, but now they have a captivated audience that feels connected and quickly turns into raving fans and followers, and then excited customers. 

This is the power of online branding done right. As a personal branding and website designer, the more cohesive your online brand, the more your perfect customers will recognize your brand, begin to build trust with you, and then buy from you. 

with the right people in your corner


You can do

After helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to create a brand they are excited and proud of, I know you can make that happen for your business too. Let’s level up your online brand together. 

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"The Universe will always conspire to lead you towards solutions of the highest good when you open up to receive them."

- Gabrielle Bernstein

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