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Hey Business Bestie! I'm Jessie and since 2016, I have helped women entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators create a memorable online business that helps them make sales in their sleep. Excited you are here. 

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7 Reasons Why Building a Personal Brand is Important To Your Business Success

Building your personal brand is essential for cultivating connection with your audience. A personal brand is a representation of who you are and what you stand for, and it can be used to establish credibility, create connections, and increase visibility.

Hey Business Besties! Jessie here. When building a personal brand, it’s important that you think beyond choosing colors and fonts. Yes, I know that is the fun part, but your brand is more than choosing a pretty logo.

Building A Personal Brand

Here’s the thing… When done right, your brand will create a feeling – and when someone interacts with you, your website, your products, and your content, they get that feeling.

What feeling you might be asking? Well, that is up to you, business bestie. Do you want your audience to feel energized, supported, seen, or excited when they engage with you? That is the first thing to consider. How do you want to make your audience FEEL?

Your personal brand is a representation of who you are and what you stand for, and it can be used to establish credibility, create connections, and increase your visibility.

If you are building a business, it is essential that you focus on also building a personal brand. One that is designed to cultivate meaningful connections with your audience. Not sure if building a personal brand will help you in growing your business? I got you.

Here are 7 reasons why building a personal brand is important for your business success:

1. You will establish Credibility

First things first, by building a personal brand, you can demonstrate your expertise and credibility in a specific industry/niche. This will help to set you apart from your competitors and establish confidence in those who are looking to purchase your products or services.

2. You will create deeper Connections

Now, creating connections doesn’t have to be a bunch of DMs back and forth before you get to the point of asking for the sale and it doesn’t have to feel salesy and slimey. Building a personal brand can help to establish relationships with potential customers, clients, and even larger affiliate-related partnerships. It can also help to build trust, as people will be more likely to do business with someone they see as credible and trustworthy.

3. You will increase your Visibility

Next, if you are ready to stand out online, your personal brand can help because there is no one else like YOU. Having a personal brand will increase your visibility and help you get your message out to a larger audience. People are more likely to engage with someone they know and trust, so building your personal brand can help to create more awareness for your business.

4. You will increase your Social Media Reach

Having your content stretch out across the country – or even the world – means you can grow and scale your business from your couch in your jammies. Having a personal brand goes beyond growing your follower count or the number of Likes you get on a post. Your Reach allows you to connect with more people. That’s more people connecting with you, engaging with you and your offers, and more opportunities to make sales.

Building A Personal Brand

5. You will Build an Audience of perfect buyers

Get ready to say Hi to an audience that LOVES what you are putting out online because it solves a direct problem they are struggling with right now. A personal brand can help to build an audience of people who are interested in what you have to offer. This can help you create a loyal following and community of people that are looking to you for answers, guidance, and for inspiration.

6. You will enhance your Reputation

Did you know? Having a strong personal brand can help to enhance your reputation and create a positive image for your business. People are more likely to do business with someone they trust, so it’s important to have a good reputation in your industry.

7. You will Differentiate Yourself

A personal brand can help to differentiate you from your competitors. It can be used to showcase your unique skills and experiences and help you stand out from the crowd. There are likely other people that do what you do, offer similar things for sale, and also have a personal brand.

So what makes someone choose you over them? It’s your personal brand.

Building a personal brand is an essential part of any business, and can be highly beneficial for your success. By establishing credibility, creating connections, and increasing visibility, a personal brand can help to take your business to the next level.

So if you don’t have a cohesive brand that your audience can recognize when they see it, I recommend getting clear on your brand colors, fonts, and the overall look and feel you want your brand to express. Need help with this? I got you Business Bestie!

That’s exactly why I created Brand Builder Kit.

Building A Personal Brand

The Brand Builder Kit is a brand new All-in-One Branding Template Pack with 28 templates and 10 step-by-step modules to help you confidently show up online with credibility and authority through a cohesive Brand that attracts your perfect customers. You can learn more here.

building a personal brand

I hope you found something here that inspires you to start building your personal brand. It takes time to build, but anything worth having takes time. And if you need some help, I am right here for you.

Building A Personal Brand
building a personal brand

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